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Waverley Station, Edinburgh. Oct 1945

She stood upon the platform lip,
She stared right down the track,
She counted back the hours,
Since she thought he might come back.

She wished upon a memory
Of when her life was true,
She counted up the times
She heard him whispering ‘I love you’.

She stood alone and waited
For the seventh time that day,
As the train spat out the soldiers
Who passed along their way.

She held her old and broken heart,
Afraid her love was lost,
She knew she’d always feel the pain
She’d grown old from the cost.

But ‘god forbid’ that station
Had became her rightful home,
and only hope for this old dame
could stop her being alone.

Her love maybe one lucky day
On the platform he would stand
And recognise the women
Who held his picture in her hand



Writer and Poet. MLitt Creative Writing BA Hons English Literature

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