Enter the room like a tiger. Cautious, sleek.

Hold that breath!

The noise in the theatre is a buzz. It Disguises my arrival.

Slink slowly into
the back row. The view from here is acceptable, the sound

but the solitude is exhilarating.
Remove layers of  outdoor clothing, shake out the rain.
Rest my feet or the chair in front.
It doesn’t squeak, I tested it last week.

A moments preparation from the podium up front –
and the buzz sinks into the floor.

Slides. Printed inside little boxes.  Dickensian life, or Bronte,

I don’t remember,
it’s not important, I wrote it down.

The speakers voice.

Fluid. Flooding my brain, demanding my attention. One hour.

I am learning. I am here. I am learning.

The podium is empty now.
Re dress in damp outdoor clothing

Exit quickly – while the theatre fills up with fresh rain.



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