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Crying out for Help on Facebook

I knew you were weary.  I saw

Bold, Black words repeated. Graphited

On a hundred walls. I scrolled


Past your weeping lines, ignoring

The beats. Broken sighs, dripping


Dripping morbidly into saturated

Sentences. I knew you were trapped;

Bouncing madness inside your own

Head.  Half alive, half way dead – Hanging


Tap, tap. I knew it, yet I paused

I paused. Liking your profile shot,

A ricocheting lie – a knot. My conscientious mind

Wrought, wrung, tangled  in a world wide web;


I searched and found a better you, impressed,

Pressed on the back of my eyelids.


I never heard you scream your final scream.

When the last of your living melted

from your face like a slice of sorrow, sinking


into a smile that was washed  in to the crack

Of your mouth, beneath yellow bile and black blood – hanging

© Kirsty Lear-Grant





Writer and Poet. MLitt Creative Writing BA Hons English Literature

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